Custom Tattoo Services in Mesa

Custom tattoos are priced per session.  We don't lock you into hourly rates & work can be broken up into multiple sessions. Pricing as well as all details, options and concerns will be discussed at your FREE consultation.

Getting a Price Estimate

We cannot give price estimates over the phone, email, or DM. There are many different factors that go into pricing a tattoo. For example we need to consider size, details, placement on the body, color or black and grey, style, etc. We also need to consider how much drawing and research will need to be done for the tattoo. If you come in for a consultation your artists can give you a price range after going over your concept.


Tattooing Minors Age 16-17

We understand the importance and concerns from parents and guardians. At INK Tattoo Co. we have specially trained artists who provide personalized care and peace of mind for both the parent and client. Before tattooing a minor we need to be sure they are making a conscious choice to be tattooed, and that the aftercare will be properly followed. To ensure quality and careful consideration, every tattoo design for a minor requires a consultation with the client and parent. All designs are at the artist’s discretion.

If we agree to the design, ALL of following is required to proceed with the tattoo:

  1. Valid photo ID of person getting tattooed, such as a passport or valid state ID card. (We are not able to use school IDs or military IDs.)
  2. Valid photo ID of parent
  3. Proof of parental relationship. We will only accept Birth Certificates, Custody Agreements, Proof of Guardianship, and Emancipation Paperwork.
  4. Legal documentation of any name changes, if names on documentation do not match IDs.
  5. Parent present during tattooing.

All paperwork must be original documents OR certified copies.

We cannot accept photocopies/pictures/scans/screenshots/etc.

If you have any questions regarding our custom tattoo services please don't hesitate to contact us.